5 Planning Tips to Make Your Digital Printing Profitable


When it comes to getting the most out of your digital printing, planning is the absolute key. Finding a digital printing service you trust can eliminate a lot of the problems and should ensure quick delivery of the product, but that’s not where time gets wasted. Here’s how to make your planning more effective, and your printing more profitable!

Know Your Desired Outcome Before You Start

Understanding the purpose of your printing is the best place to start. For business cards, you want a professional looking card that makes it easy for people to contact you. With flyers, you’re probably advertising a specific product or event. For pull-up banners, you’re looking to draw attention to your business. Whatever your digital printing project is, be sure of the desired outcome – this makes it so much easier to reach it!

Decide on One Key Offer

In any digital printing effort, your desire should be the main focus. If you’re printing a flyer to advertise an event, don’t be tempted to try and include all the other great things your business does. Making one key offer the focal point makes it clear and easy for customers to see what you’re advertising. Even more detailed digital printing like brochures should have one key point which is mentioned multiple times.

Find Great, High-Quality Images to Catch Attention

High-quality images make your digital printing look professional while encouraging customers to have confidence in your brand. Furthermore, they don’t even need to be expensive. If you’ve got your own photos that are the right quality, you can use them. If not, there’s plenty of places to find great stock photos that are completely free!

Confirm Your Call-To-Action

Show customers clearly what you want them to do. If you’re printing flyers for an event, maybe use bold text directing them to buy tickets. If you’re printing some promotional material for an online-only sale, highlight your website address and tell customers to visit.

Whatever you want customers to do after seeing your printing, make it clear and easy to understand. Above all, your customers want simple instructions, not a list of process steps!

Don’t Use Large Blocks of Text

The golden rule of any digital printing venture! Don’t fill your flyers, banners, brochures or business cards with paragraphs of text. If reading your flyer feels like hard work, you’ll lose a customer instantly. Consequently, nothing turns people away from a poster quicker than seeing huge blocks of text they have to read through.

Use easy-to-read fonts and clear, well-sized text because this drives your offer home. Remember, your key points should be clear from a distance or up-close. The words ‘50% Off Everything’ is a lot more enticing than a list of individual products and prices in small print.

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