5 Simple Tips For Creating Attention-Grabbing Posters


Posters are a fantastic way to get a message across to an audience at a glance. However, just putting a message down on is not enough to make it effective. A good poster needs to stand out, grab your audience’s attention and communicate your message all in one glance. While this seems complex, there are some simple things you can do in the design and poster printing process to help you create the ideal attention-grabbing poster you need for your business.

1. Colour Schemes Are Key

Whether it is bold colours to draw the eye or contrasting colours to highlight key words and phrases, the colour scheme you choose when going through the design and poster printing process are one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention. When choosing your printing services provider, whether it is an online printing provider or otherwise, make sure they are able to do poster printing in a wide range of colours, so you can choose the best combinations to draw the eye.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Keep It Simple

While you may be tempted to cram as much information into your poster as possible, it is important to remember when you are going through the poster printing and design process that it is okay to keep a message simple! A quality printing services provider, particularly someone offering online printing, will inevitably have a range of templates available for customers wanting poster printing, and sometimes the simplest messages are the most effective.  

3. Using Negative Space

Negative space, or empty space, is a design technique often used in posters to draw your audience’s eyes toward certain areas of your design. Leaving strategic areas of a poster empty while putting content in others is a subtle yet effective technique to grab your customer’s attention and should be considered when choosing a design for poster printing. Online printing companies and other printing services providers often have designers on hand to help you utilise negative space during the design process so when you do your poster printing the message is delivered with maximum effect.

4. Icons And Pictures

The old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words holds true for posters, and you need to consider it when you’re doing your poster printing. Using pictures or icons in place of words, or even to replace words, is a creative but simple method of communicating a message to an audience. When you are designing your poster, browsing through templates or consulting the in-house designers of your chosen online printing provider, be sure to discuss how pictures or icons can be used in place of words.

5. Border Design

When it comes to poster printing, borders are an often forgotten design aspect that really can grab customer attention. Using blocky, obvious borders or even foregoing borders all together, can help to make your poster stand out from the competition. Choosing the appropriate border design for your poster doesn’t need to be difficult if you work with an experienced printing services company, particularly one that offers online printing, which gives you access to many different border designs from the comfort of your home or office.

Choose The Right Printing Services Provider The process of design and poster printing can be daunting to many people, but there are simple ways to create a poster that is effective in grabbing the attention of the public. If you are in Australia, consult with Quick Prints, a leader in the online printing market, who offer painless and high quality design and printing services, including poster printing. With online printing you can get your posters delivered direct to your door, and be confident that your message will achieve its maximum potential.