5 Tips For Making Sure Your Fridge Magnets Stay Permanently On Other People’s Fridges


Fridge magnets are a terrific way of keeping your business on people’s minds every day. Since we usually visit the fridge several times a day, magnets serve as a constant reminder of your services. Plus, almost all households have at least a couple of magnets on their fridge, so the marketing potential is excellent. Let’s find out how to get the most out of your fridge magnets!

Quality Wins the Race

The most important aspect of a fridge magnet is the quality. It may sound silly, but have a think about your fridge at home. You’ve probably got some fridge magnets on there which seem to hold everything up and never get dislodged. Then there’s others that don’t even hold a receipt. We don’t need to tell you which ones go in the bin and which stays on the fridge. Make sure you’re using thickness of at least 0.7mm, because you want your marketing material to stick around.

Design for Your Market

Think about who your customers are. Sure, some businesses have such a broad cross-section of customers that it’s hard to nail it down. But for example, if your business sells school supplies, consider putting school term dates on a fridge magnet (with your logo of course), and sending them to customers each year.

Making your magnet something that people actively look at gives you added exposure. Remember most fridges are in the kitchen too, so a bit of handy food-related information never hurts either!

Keep It Simple

There’s an art to making a fridge magnet stand out amongst many others, but that’s what you’re trying to achieve. Your magnet is likely to be one of many on a household fridge and you want it to catch the eye more than others.

Consider using bright colours, but don’t cram too much information on there. Make it useful, clear, easy to read and simple. Don’t let your unique marketing material get lost among a sea of children’s drawing’s and bills!

Stick with Your Unique Branding

One of the important parts of any marketing exercise is to stick to your branding. If customers are used to seeing particular logos and colours on your social media posts, for example, make sure your fridge magnets use the same. This is how you build your brand into something that’s instantly recognisable.

Not only are fridge magnets a great tool for constantly reminding customers you’re around, it’s also an incredibly easy and efficient way to build brand recognition. So once you’ve got your colours, embrace them and stick with it!

Get Help from Quick Prints!

At Quick Prints, we’ve got you covered for fridge magnets. No matter what your business, everybody loves a fridge magnet and we can make sure yours stick around for years to come. We even have in-house designers to help make them look amazing if you’re struggling for ideas. Contact us today and speak to us about fridge magnets – a constant reminder of the great service you provide!