6 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Business Cards Online


These days, most people by their business cards online. If you’re dealing with a quality printing service, it should be quick, convenient and well-priced. With that in mind, it isn’t fool-proof. There are a few key things you’ll need to keep in mind to get the most out of buying your business cards online.

Don’t Overload your Business Card

Keeping your business card clear and easy to read is essential. Ideally, you want people to pick up your business card and clearly understand everything at first glance. Remember, people’s attention spans aren’t great. If they have to search through lines and lines of text to find what’s relevant, you may lose them.

Evenly spaced text in one or two simple fonts works best for absolute clarity. The same goes for images and visual designs. Your logo is essential for branding, however, you shouldn’t squeeze too much on there.

Stick with Consistent Branding

A part of building your brand is ensuring all of your printed media is consistent. That means colors, fonts, and even design style. Consider how people use your business card. Once they’ve got it in their hands, they will probably go and check out your social media pages or website. If they have the same look and feel like your business card, you’ve already started building brand recognition.

Don’t Leave out Important Information

For a business card to be useful, it needs to have all your key information, however, that may vary from person to person, and depending on the purpose of your card. Generally, you’re going to want the basics, especially so that customers can contact you.

Your name and position are obvious ones because it creates a reminder for the customer. At a minimum, you should include your website, email address and phone numbers. Don’t forget about social media as well, because it will give you another way to interact with customers if the can find you online.

Check, Check and Check Again

We can’t stress enough the importance of proofreading. This means every number and every letter. Mistakes make you look unprofessional, which is definitely not the image you want to portray. Alternatively, you’ll have to re-do your business cards at an added expense.

This is particularly important if you’re using freelance designers. Don’t assume everything is correct just because you’ve paid someone to design your card.

Save as you Go – Don’t Lose Your Work

When ordering business cards online, most providers will allow you to upload your own designs. This is usually quick and easy if you have a good design.

If you’re designing your own card directly on the website, make sure you can save the work. This can sometimes mean creating an account with the printing service’s website, but you’ll need to do that to place an order anyway. Don’t let your hard work go to waste!

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