A Six Simple Six-Step Process to Designing Amazing Business Flyers


It could be anything from advertisements, announcements to invitations that come in different sizes and shapes. They are a blank canvas waiting for a creative stroke of genius and purpose. Business flyers can be seen as the “Swiss army knife” design. 

You want some business flyers designed to promote a concert, fundraiser or another type of event. Or maybe you intend to promote a new business or advertise a grand opening. Business flyers can be tailored to suit any marketing purpose, but the common mistake when designing flyers is only focusing on photos, images and other design elements. 

One of the most significant perks of business flyers is their ability to visually market a product, service or business in a manner a letter cannot. Below is a process of how to craft fantastic business flyers that will get noticed; 

  1. Brainstorm The Big Idea 

The first step in designing amazing business flyers is writing down as much as you can about your business and what you intend on advertising. It would help if you did not shy away from jotting down ‘nonsensical’ ideas on paper, as these bizarre ideas can culminate into a money-spinning idea. 

  1. Thoroughly Review It 

After you have exhausted every possible avenue, take a step back, walk away and take a huge breath and look at what you have written. Come back the next day if you have time and even though it is not necessary, it can work wonders. 

What stands out when you come back to the whiteboard or sketch pad? That is your ‘big’ idea.

  1. Enhance The Concept 

When you have a great headline or visual, you have won the battle, not the war. From this juncture, you need to push your idea even further. What more can you do so it stands out? Is there a way it can be folded or can you print it on something unusual? Can you make it smell or look like something they cannot ignore, like a parking ticket? 

  1. Push The Idea Further 

Is there something you can do to break through the boundaries and clutter. Bear in mind that the world is already drowning in advertising messages so what makes yours different and why should someone spend their precious time with it? You may not need a great headline if you have a great offer. 

  1. Design Is Key 

The advancement of technology, through modern desktop publishing, has made it possible for anyone to design business flyers. But do not be scared (and stingy) to seek professional help. 

To begin with, ensure your design has enough space to make the headline and offer to stand out. Be careful not to crowd the typography or add too much copy.  The next step is to think about imagery carefully, as you cannot copy and paste photos from the internet due to copyright. Also, check your business flyers for any errors. 

  1. Print It Well 

Unless your idea demands it, do not skimp on printing but you should be prepared to negotiate. If a printer knows you will be a returning client, they will do this. You can receive great discounts if you can barter with them or combine your printing run with that of another small business.

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