Avoid These Common Brochure Printing Mistakes


Everything might be becoming digital, but printed brochures are still a common and effective way to inform the public of your brand, products and services. Brochures are a form of printed advertising, meant to increase brand awareness, provide information and increase your sales. However, if you make these common errors when producing brochures, you won’t have the impact that you expect.

Don’t Get The Cover Wrong

The cover of your brochure is what will attract people to pick it up and read. If your cover gives the wrong impression, no one will even look at it. If they do, your business will be remembered for producing poor designs, which is not the reputation you want to achieve when trying to get more customers. The cover should be clear and easy to read, with enough written content to entice the reader, but not too much that it looks messy or becomes overwhelming. At first glance, the cover should provide necessary, foundation-level information that clearly explains who you are and what you offer.

Don’t DIY

You might be worried about production costs, but using professionals to produce your brochures will be paid off in the long term. Think of it as a business investment instead of an expense. First impressions are essential, so make sure that you hire a designer and a copywriter to give you the brochure your business deserves.

Don’t Use Low-Quality Images

Sometimes images look good on your screen but look terrible in print because they’re poor quality. Low-resolution pictures in print become blurry, dull and pixelated, so if you want sharp images with vibrant colours, use high-resolution graphics that will grab people’s attention.

Print Quality Shouldn’t Be Cheap

You get what you pay for. There are printing professionals who offer affordable rates for good-quality prints, but they are far and few between. Your brochures should be printed on premium quality media, which won’t break the bank but are not the cheapest that you can find. Remember, brochures are kept and passed around, so if you’re relying on your brochure to bring in more business, the media should be durable, and the ink shouldn’t smudge or transfer from the page. Now you know what to look for when you start looking for a printing company to provide brochures. An excellent printing company such as Quick Prints, will understand your vision and put it to paper, exactly the way you want it. Brochures are a popular method of brand promotion and lead generation, so make certain to avoid these mistakes, or your efforts won’t have the desired impact.