Can you get cheap business cards that make you look great


Business is all about keeping costs low and profits high, right? It’s always important to keep unnecessary costs to a minimum. Especially when you’re setting up a new business, you want your costs to be as low as possible. There’s plenty of cheap, or even free, business card options out there, so it’s not surprising that many people look to shave some expenses in this area. The question is, can you find cheap business cards that make you look great? Let’s check out some of the considerations. 

How Do You Define Cheap?

Everyone’s version of cheap is quite different, but generally when we refer to ‘cheap business cards’ we’re talking about those super-cheap deals. You know the ones. $10 for 250 cards. Sometimes they’re even offered free. These are the types of cards where you really get what you pay for. 

Another way to define ‘cheap’, might be in reference to getting a great quality product at an affordable rate. For example, our premium business cards start at $36 for 250. That’s a lot of business cards. The difference is around 10c per card. If you could put a price on making a great impression versus coming across cheap, most people would agree it’s worth much more than 10c! 

Cheap Business Cards Can Affect Your Business

Cheap business cards might seem great to start with. But the reality is, your business can really be affected. People judge you on your business card. At the very least, they’ll make an assessment on your business based on the quality of your business card. 

You often only get one chance to make an impression on prospective clients and customers. A flimsy, dull business card doesn’t inspire confidence. Make your first impression count, and give customers a reason to remember you. 

Great business cards shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, but a small extra investment is worth it to promote yourself the best way possible. 

There’s a Difference Between Cheap and Free

Cheap business cards usually come on thin paper and don’t have the option for extras like embossing, glossy finishes and many other add-ons that make a quality business card. Those super cheap business card deals will leave you with a forgettable card that doesn’t show you in your best light. 

But it gets worse when we talk about free business cards. These cards are not only a lower quality, but the back will usually feature the printing company’s logo rather than your own. If you’re wanting to make yourself look great, free business cards are certainly not the way to go. 

Get the Best Business Cards with Quick Prints

At Quick Prints, we think that cheap business cards CAN make you look great. We don’t mean those business cards that are practically given away. We mean cards like our own brand of premium business cards, presented on quality stock with designs that really make an impression. Our prices are extremely competitive, but our cards never look cheap. Contact us today for outstanding quality at a reasonable price. You won’t look back!