Choosing Promotional Products for Your Business


Everybody has seen promotional products handed out at conferences and trade shows. Pens, balloons and all manner of things that get lost and discarded quickly. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere else in the world – promotional products should stay with your customers long term.

Whether you’re giving them out at a trade show, or including them as free gifts with customer orders, you want quality promotional products. The idea is to keep your business in your customers’ minds as often, and for as long as possible. Here’s a few ideas for quality promotional products that last!

Stubby Holders

Stubby holders are a great way to market to ensure your business lives on in the minds of customers. Australians are very sociable, and love spending time outside with family and friends. Hence, there would barely be a house in the country without a stubby holder or five laying around. By having your logo and business detail emblazoned on a practical stubby holder, you’ll give your customers a constant reminder that you exist!

Promotional T-Shirts

T-shirts serve multiple purposes as a promotional product. Firstly, they’re extremely useful, which should always be the number one concern for promo gear. Secondly, every time a customer wears your shirt, they’re reminded of your great service. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, your customers are advertising your business to others for you. Everyone wins with promotional t-shirts!

Drink Coasters

It’s an inescapable fact that everybody drinks. Whether it’s cups of tea and coffee, glasses of water, beer and wine – everyone is drinking something. Another inescapable fact is that nobody wants stains on their household surfaces, making drinks coasters hugely popular around Australia. This makes them a great practical promotional product. You may also be able to tap into the local hospitality market and ask if they can use your coasters in bars and restaurants!

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets, as long as they’re good quality, can last for years and years in people’s homes. It seems to be the one thing people just won’t get rid of. The more fridge magnets the better. People are always going to their fridges, so you’ve got an opportunity to be right in front of their eyes every day. Step it up a notch and provide an even more practical fridge magnet that includes a calendar, or reminders for scheduled servicing that you perform.

Mouse Pads

Many people forget about mouse pads as a practical promotional item these days, but they shouldn’t. It’s true that they perhaps aren’t as widely used as they were ten years ago, but when they are used, they stay in place. Even though most newer computer equipment doesn’t even need a mouse pad, so many people love having them on their desk in both homes and offices. Plus, the great thing about mouse pads is the amount of space on them. Much like fridge magnets, you can get creative with your designs and make them extra useful for customers.


Stickers! Well, they get their name for a reason. They stick. And people love using them, whether it’s on cars, or various pieces of household equipment. Stickers may be a slightly older form of promotional material now, but we don’t see their use dying out any time soon. Furthermore, they’re great for advertising because you just never know where one of your stickers might end up!

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