Creating a Business Card and When to Hand Them Out


You won’t find many professionals who don’t have a business card. There’s a reason for that: They work. They’re a great way to gain respect, show people you’re serious about what you do and generate business credibility. But it’s also about future promotion. You want people in your network and customers alike to have a handy reference point when they need your services.

While business cards can be great, they can be equally ineffective if not created well. So, here’s some handy tips on getting the most out of your business card.

When to Use Business Cards

The question here might be when not to use business cards. The only time you shouldn’t use a business card is when yours are poor quality. Don’t make a bad first impression! And maybe if people show no real interest in dealing with you or company. You need to read social clues and look for the right time.

For example, you could be at a conference, mingling with other guests in a break. If you’re talking to someone who is in direct competition with you, that’s probably not someone you want to give a business card to. If, however, you’re talking to someone who you feel could benefit from your services, go for it!

Business cards can also be used in stores and office on the front desk, handed out to individual clients to make it easy for them to reach you, or even at your stall in trade shows. You may also find that plenty of local businesses you use regularly would be happy to display your card on the wall or on the front counter. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and it could net you a few customers with very little work.

Why are Business Cards Effective?

It sometimes feels like business cards are the oldest promotional tool in the book. In a lot of ways, they are. In certain circles, the quality of a person’s business card is a clear indicator of their success and standing in the business community. You may not be swimming in those circles, but that doesn’t mean a business card can’t work for you.

Take the above example of putting a few business cards on the counter at the local shop. Hundreds of people might stand at that counter every day, and a few may pick up the card in case they need your services. For you, that represents free advertising. Even if it doesn’t get you a swarm of customers, it still builds brand awareness because people see your name and logo. They might see a Facebook ad down the track and recognise your branding.

But most of all, business cards work because they’re a tangible item that people can hold onto. We may live in a digital age where Google is used as a directory for everything, but you can bet that people are still putting some business cards on their fridges for services they may use in the future.

How to Create Premium Business Cards

When it comes to business cards, you want to stand out from the crowd. Good quality stock (350gsm), and a classy, simple, professional design. The card should be consistent with your branding, and only include the information important for customers to contact you. This means, name, job title, phone, email and website. One of the biggest traps is trying to put too much information on a small card.

Furthermore, stay away from cheap, nasty business cards. Check out our article here on how cheap business cards can damage your business.

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