Five Important Questions About Custom Postcard Printing


When it comes to postcards, the first thought that probably comes to everyone’s mind is a simple flat card that is not the most elaborate piece of printing and containing some brief information.

If printed right, postcards can be a cost-effective solution to reach and create a massive impact on your target market, while offering a significant return on your investment. However, custom postcard printing is not as simple as pressing the print button on a printer. It is a delicate art of it is own that requires you to take into consideration every creative stage of the print product to produce the best postcards for your business.

Design and copy are not the only determining factors in the effectiveness of custom printed postcards. It also has to do with the quality of material, processes used to print it out and the little details that always make a big difference in its overall appearance.

We have compiled a list of questions for you to ask before proceeding with your custom postcard printing;

1) What Should I Use Custom Printing To Promote My Business?

The best way to boost your direct mail marketing efforts is through the use of postcards. They allow for you to collect the addresses of your targeted recipients, separate them according to their age, gender, interests and other relevant information.

Thus, this allows you to send out targeted messages based on the information you have collected.

2) Can I Use My Custom Postcards Outside Direct Mail?

Postcards are flexible enough to be used the contours of direct mail. You can place your custom postcards at the point-of-purchase, either by using a table rack or displaying them high foot traffic places allowing you to maximise your brand’s exposure.

An optimised custom postcard designs that complement your branding efforts are effective in persuading your target market in trying out your products and services.

3) Is The Divided Back Design Of Custom Postcards Necessary?

If you intend to send out the postcards to your mailing list, then it is necessary. The divided back part of a postcard is a fixed feature, and should you want to use that part to add additional information; you will need to be extremely creative.

4) What Kind Of Paper And Coating Works Best With Custom Postcards?

When it comes to custom postcard printing, the adage “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” applies.

Unlike invitations, postcards do not have a protective sleeve making them vulnerable to creases. You will be able to promote your business more robustly and professionally if you opt postcards made from thick paper stock and waterproof coating.

5) Which Colour Should I Use On My Postcards?

The colour you will use will depend on how the custom postcards have been designed. It is advisable to appropriate your design according to your business if you have not created your postcard.

If you run a retail store or a small ad agency, to attract clients, you will need a fancy 4/4 postcards. Businesses that thrive on the minimalist approach can do away with any design at the back of the postcard.

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