Five Useful Envelope Printing Tips


In a world that has been digitally transformed, emails have become the standard go-to method of communication. However, nothing speaks authenticity nor can anything replace sending a good old-fashioned letter. 

Unique and creative envelopes will help in creating the desired impact for your mail communication, including making it stand out. Custom envelope printing, in the context of branding, is about the crafting of a consistent and positive image that gets your brand noticed and also into the hands of the intended recipients. 

The advancement of technology has brought about a drastic change in the envelope printing market, as it is now possible to print a large number of envelopes faster while maintaining high-quality standards. So before embarking on your envelope printing exercise, below are some useful tips;

1) Use Colour

Your purpose of sending out your mail is to have it opened right? For that to happen, your envelope needs to have some colour, texture, shape or graphics. Colour is a vital factor in determining whether the recipients will open your envelope. 

It is advisable to opt for a graphic to accompany the return address, like your company logo, if your envelope is black. 

2) Opt For Standard Sizes

One custom envelope printing tip that will save you money is this one. Using standard sizes will mean that you are eligible for standard postage rates. Thus, your envelope should be smaller, flatter, standard-sized mail piece.  

3) Remember The Return Envelope

Response envelopes are essential should you should your custom envelope printing project be used for your direct mail campaign. Your response rates will drastically fall if you will require your recipients to find and address their own envelopes. Offering your recipients already addressed pre-stamped envelopes will push your response rate up. 

4) Paper

One aspect of custom envelope printing regularly ignored is the material used to make envelopes. Keep in mind that your envelope is the first thing your recipients will see and feel, so first impressions count. 

Do not use lightweight envelopes should you be promoting a premium brand or product. Additionally, keeping the weight of your envelopes down if you are printing them for a large mailing project will go a long way in helping you save a small fortune. 

5) Remember Brand Consistency

It is vital to maintain brand consistent if you are printing your envelopes alongside your letterhead. Maintaining brand consistency in the context of custom envelope printing will mean you will need to use the same logo and fonts on your letterhead on your envelopes.  Leveraging our extensive expertise with advanced technologies, Quick Prints delivers on world-class envelope printing services that are affordable but does not compromise on quality. Get in touch with us today!