Four Advantages Of Offset Printing That You Need To Know


Are you becoming frustrated with the quality you’ve been getting for your prints? You want it to be exceptional quality, with vibrant colours, that won’t break the bank. When it comes to printing, you only want the best – and offset printing is just that. Here are four advantages to offset printing, so that you can make the right decision according to your printing needs.

  1. High-Quality Printing

This is the primary advantage that you want when trying out a new printing method. When using offset printing, you can guarantee an exceptionally printed image, every time. Because the printer technician can control the ink flow, there is less wastage and fewer reprints. With a professional in control, you get the high-quality prints that you need, with clean, sharp imagery.

  1. High-Volume Jobs Cost Less

Another main advantage of choosing offset printing as your printing method is the low cost of high-quality prints. Offset printing is the more affordable option in comparison to other methods. Other methods might offer slightly better quality, yet aren’t always worth the price, because you still get the quality you desire while paying less. Not only that but with offset printing, the more you print, the less it costs to produce each item.

  1. High-Volume Jobs Print Faster

Offset printers require some prep before the printing process begins. The metal plate needs to be created, and the equipment needs to be set up. Even though there are extra steps involved, the time spent is worth it. When using offset as a printing method, the more you print, the faster the work comes out. In addition, you don’t compromise on quality, no matter how quickly the machine is printing.

  1. Affordable Printing Plates

Each time a new job comes in, a brand new, customised printing plate needs to be created. Because manufacturing technology keeps progressing so rapidly, the printing plates are now inexpensive to produce and can be reused multiple times after that. For clients who have the same prints produced regularly, this would help keep the printing costs low. When it comes to printing artwork using a new method, you want it to be high-quality, no matter what the image has been printed onto. Fortunately, offset printing ticks all the boxes. It prints quickly, it’s affordable, and the prints are high quality on a variety of different materials. Want to try it out? Call Quick Prints for a quote today.