How To Get The Best Quality Working With Cheap Printers


We’ve all seen the marketing around. Cheap printers offering business cards for free, or brochures printed for next to nothing. So what’s the catch? Well, every cheap printer you find online will be different. For example, if you opt for a set of free business cards, you’ll likely have the printing company’s logo on the back of it, not your own. You can remove it before printing – for a fee, of course. All those little fees add up until you could just be paying for better quality material.

But is all cheap printing bad? There are ways to ensure you get quality printed products without breaking your budget, so read on to find out how!

Stay Away from Free Offers

As we mentioned above, free offers usually come with a catch. Think of it like a promotional product. These offers promote the supplier, not you. Most ‘free’ offers give the customer a chance to upgrade the quality at a cost (for example, removing the printing company’s logo from a business card). The problem here is that everything else remains the same. The paper quality is low, the designs are dull and boring. You could have just found a good quality cheap printer and purchased better business cards for only a fraction more cost.

Advertised Prices are the Basic Products

When you see amazing deals advertised by cheap printers, rest assured, they’re not talking about their best quality products. The advertised prices are there to draw you in, and then upsell from the basic product. For example, cheap brochures are advertised, but the paper quality is poor, so you’ll want to select a better paper quality for an added cost. By the time you’re done, these cheap printers are no cheaper than anybody else.

Use Quality Designers

Most printing services offer standard template designs for a lot of products. That’s not a bad thing, because it can be a great starting point. But if you really want quality printed products, it’s worth enlisting the help of a designer. Many printing companies offer the services of a designer. Alternatively, you can find your own.

Choose Cheap Printers by Reputation

Carefully look at all the costs. If you’re looking at cheap printers because of their starting prices, make sure you factor in all the added costs we mentioned above. Then check the prices of a well-reviewed printer with a good reputation. Most of the time you’ll be surprised, because their prices aren’t much higher than those discount printers. At least, not when you factor in all the hidden costs with cheap printers. You’ll also hopefully eliminate the risk of ending up with shonky work that needs to be re-done at your expense.

Cheap Printing Doesn’t Have to Be Bad Printing

The products you get from Quick Prints are living proof that cheap printers aren’t poor quality. Many people would be surprised at just how affordable it can be to get high-quality printing without sacrificing quality. To find out more, contact us today – we provide premium, professional printing service at a competitive rate.

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