How To Make Your Business Card Stand Out


A business card is more often than not the first contact that a client will have with your company. The goal of a business card is to get the potential client to find out more about your company what it does and what your role is within it. If you want a client to keep the card and contact you, there are plenty of methods to ensure it happens. A business card that is well designed yet simple and easy to read and understand is perfect. If you want to make the most out of your business cards, we have compiled a list of tips to create business cards that will stand out.

  • The first tip is to think carefully about the reason you are printing business cards and what message you want to be spread when sharing it with a client. Ensure the name of the company, logo and services it renders are visible, including your name, title and services. There is no need to include the business address but do add an email address and contact details. These details are essential yet will not make your business card look cluttered.
  • If you are still concerned about space, creating a QR Code on your business card offers an immaculate method of including plenty of details without looking like a mess. When the client who received the card scans the code, they will be sent directly to your website. What is exciting about this method is that it is also affordable, and there is free software available online, making costs lower.
  • Some colours used in making business cards can affect how the card will look, often dull when black and white is used. It is one of the reasons why embossing the text on the card is recommended. Embossing creates a 3D effect, raising the text and making it legible to read, adding style and elegance. Embossing and the thickness of the card creates a perception of the company being professional and provides premium services. 

With these tips, not only will your business card stand out from the rest, but it will be easier for the client to read the information on it. Having the card legible to read and has a QR Code and is embossed will endear you to the client, and it can be a start to a fruitful business relationship. For more information on how to improve your business card, contact Quick Prints in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Contact them today!