Save Money and Choose Self Cover For Your Next Book


Are you looking for a self cover book printing service provider near you? One that will be affordable and print according to your specifications? If that is the case, then finding the most suited printing service provider can be difficult but not impossible. Self cover means that the book’s cover will have the same paper that is used for the interior pages. Such a method is more economical and cost-effective and is more durable. We have compiled three reasons why selecting the self cover option when you’re printing your next book:

A Cost-Effective And Popular Alternative

Selecting to forgo a thick cover saves money because the lighter paper will cost less than the heavier paper used for the cover. It also means that the process is much easier as the entire book, including the cover and pages, can be produced in a single production run instead of two separate printing sessions. What makes this option even better is that it can be used with any softcover binding style such as the Saddle Stitch binding method.

Makes The Process Easier

The Saddle Stitch binding method is often used in conjunction with self cover booklets or documents, one that does not require longevity and durability that is derived from a heavier cover.  These documents include newsletters, bulletins, price booklets and catalogues, documents that have a short life and can be folded into an envelope or a mailbox, making postage prices lower because the cover is not heavy.  

Cut Out An Unnecessary Step

A great benefit of self cover books is that because they are made of lightweight paper, one machine can bind and fold a book. This process cuts out the labour required to collate, stitch and fold the books, depending on the amount that is ordered. Eliminating this step means a chance to decrease the overall cost of printing effectively. If you are looking for book printing that is affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket, then visit your nearest Quick Prints or browse through our website for our excellent offers. We provide extensive book printing services, including self cover saddle stitch, plus cover saddle stitch, Wiro bound books and NCR books. Don’t miss out on our fantastic printing deals today!