The 4 Golden Rules to Avoid Flyer Printing Hitting the Bin


Businesses use flyers to promote a whole range of things. It could be a new product line, an upcoming event, or a big sale. It’s not just businesses that need flyer printing though. Sports clubs, performing artists – the list is endless. So, with so many people distributing flyers, how do you make yours stand out above the rest? Here’s the 4 golden rules to make sure your flyers don’t end up in the bin.

Make Your Flyer Printing Easy to Read

This is such a common mistake, but one that’s so easy to make. A flyer should be about a specific event or product. If you’re looking for something that promotes a range of different things, a brochure is a much better idea. A flyer needs to be clear, impactful and easy to read. So, don’t try and squeeze too much information in. People have a pretty low attention span when it comes to marketing material, so don’t use them to advertise everything in your store. Pick a product or special event, and draw people in.

Make Your Designs Eye-Catching

There’s plenty of ways you can catch people’s eye, and it all depends on what you’re trying to advertise. Bright, beautiful colours are a great way to grab someone’s attention (without making the flyer look cluttered), but sometimes simple is just as effective. When done properly, a single colour background and single colour text can also be attention-grabbing. It all depends on what you’re promoting, who your audience is, and what your usual branding allows for. Try not to stray too far from your normal style.

Stick to Simple Fonts

Simple fonts are the key to great flyer printing. People often try to use several different fonts in order to distinguish one piece of information from the rest. In short, that’s not a great idea. It just ends up looking messy.

Stick to one or two different fonts, and make sure they’re easy to read. People lose interest really quickly when they have to try and decipher complex calligraphic text.

Add a Call to Action

You want your customers to do something, right? You don’t just want them to see a flyer and wonder what to do with it. Customers need to be helped along, so whatever you’re marketing, make it clear. If you want them to buy tickets to an event, state that clearly and tell them how. If you want them to come into the store to check out a new product range, give the address details and entice them in.

Still Need Help with Flyer Printing?

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