The 5 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Banners


When you’re designing banners there’s a few things you should know, because you want them to be the best! Whether it be a trade show, a country fair or even in-store banners to highlight certain products, above all you want them to stand out. We’ve put together a list of the 5 most common mistakes people make with banners, so you can make yours the best in town!

Keep it Clear and Simple

To create impactful, effective promotional banners, above all you want it to be clear and simple. Think about what you’re advertising. It could be a certain product, or it could simply be to attract customer’s eyes to your stand at a trade show. Whatever the goal, make it very clear what you’re trying to promote.

That doesn’t mean make your design bland and boring, but it means everything should be easy to read with your key points highlighted.

Give your Key Message Some Space

Don’t overcrowd your message, because it can very quickly get lost in too many words or images. Remember, everything should be clear, particularly your key message. Try to imagine you’re standing 30 metres away from your banner. What do you want people to see from that far away? The focus of your banner shouldn’t be squashed in among other lines of text. Give it some room to shine!

Make One Offer Your Focus

Choosing the purpose of your banner makes this step easy, because you know what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re promoting a brand-new product, keep that as the main focus. There’s always a temptation to use a banner to advertise several offers, but that causes a significant loss of impact.

Remember, when you’re printing larger scale like items like banners, it needs to have an impact from a distance, so don’t draw people’s eyes to a huge phone number without giving customers a reason to call.

Contrast Counts!

One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing banners is forgetting about contrast. If your next, images and background colours aren’t considerably different, messages can get lost. Furthermore, keeping colours too similar just isn’t eye catching.

The good thing is, this is an easy thing to rectify because your colours are often already determined. If our logo and company colours are blue, you obviously can stand out using green text. If you’re using a white background, text needs to be bold like black or blue – not yellow. Use contrast to your advantage and make your message stand out.

Don’t Forget Your Contact Information

It sounds like something nobody would forget, right? Well unfortunately, many people do. There’s a popular misconception that larger banners don’t need contact information because people aren’t often getting close enough to read it.

It’s true, you may not include every single piece of contact information, but including your phone number and website address is essential to give customers a way to reach you.

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