The Checklist For Effective Business Card Printing.


The business card is a mainstay of any business, despite a move towards a paperless office. Its primary function is conveying your contact details to prospective clients and business associates for the purpose of establishing your brand. 

A business card is also a useful and inexpensive marketing tool for your business, as it increases your business’s credibility and generates leads for your business. You are definitely missing out on a key marketing opportunity if you do not have any business cards to hand out to potential clients or collaborators. 

Not all business cards have been created equally, and some basic best practices underpin success business card design. No matter how well designed a card is, its purpose will be futile if the following business card printing checklist is not followed. 

1. Include Contact Information.

Without your contact information, any checklist for business card printing will be incomplete. The purpose of having a business card is for prospective clients and business associates to reach you. In its basic format, a business card should include your name, job title, phone number and email address. It will be a good idea to add your business logo and website URL. 

2. Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication.

When it comes to content, business cards do not have much real estate to play with. It will be best to keep it simple and keep in mind that the goal of your business card is to relay your contact information to whoever has your card. 

A business card that is flooded with a business design or too much information will render your business card ineffective in getting responses and leads. 

3. Include Your Branding.

Business cards are a great tool in establishing your brand consistency. Therefore it is advisable to have the same branding used on your website on your business card. Doing so creates a consistent and memorable visual for people to make your brand is more recognisable. 

By now, you probably have spent some effort and time crafting your visual identity, now is the opportune time to boldly place it on your business cards so clients and business associates can be impressed. 

4. Use High-Quality Card Stock.

Using low-quality paper for business card printing can be one of the best ways to save money. However, it is counterproductive as it will boldly state your business take quality seriously neither is it established. 

When printing business cards, it is best to use a printing company who will use high-quality card stock for your cards. To get the best results, use card stock that is 350gsm. 

5. Business Card Sizes.

In business card printing, the standard dimension of a finished card to print is 55 x 90mm. It is worthwhile to remember to include a bleed area, that is an additional 3mm of space on the parameter and used for design elements or backgrounds that extend beyond the finished size of your card. 

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