The Printing Services You Will Need in Business


So, you’ve got a business idea. You’ve done all the financial projections, you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s. You’re ready to go, but there’s one very important aspect you may not have planned. Every business needs professional printing services. Just because we live in a digital age, it doesn’t mean there’s not a whole range of printing services you’ll require for your new business venture.

Here’s a few of the printing services you’ll need to consider.

Business Cards

Probably the most common and essential business printing item is the humble business card. It can be the difference between making a great impression or a poor one, so you want to make sure your business cards are good.

You want to make a lasting impression with your business card because it’s a vital link between you and a customer. When you’re ready for new business cards, make sure yours stand out from the crowd.

Flyers and Brochures

Flyers are a great way to advertise certain events, products, sales, or even just your business as a whole. You can use them in-store to form part of a classy product display, or you can plaster them around town to advertise an upcoming event. However you use them, we’ve got some tips here to stop those flyers ending up in the bin!

Brochures are equally as important, and they give you the scope to include far more detail than a one-page flyer. Many customers like to take information with them to consider a larger purchase, so having some professional brochures for your services is a smart move for any business.

Letterhead and Stationery

Depending on your type of business, it’s pretty likely you’ll need stationery. This can include letterhead which is particularly important for invoicing clients. But for an even more professional touch, you might consider customised envelopes.

To impress your customers further, it looks great to provide a company With Compliments slip to any correspondence, and you may even think about providing staff with other company stationery such as notepads.

Promotional Products

Promotional products serve a whole range of purposes, and should always be a key feature of your marketing. If you’re attending trade shows or fairs, it’s essential that you have some nifty promotional products that people can walk away with. You can also include them as free gifts along with customers’ purchases.

However you want to use them, the most important thing to remember is to keep them practical. Promo items that people can actually use are far more effective than trinkets. Consider items such as:

  • Stubby holders
  • Mousepads
  • T-Shirts
  • Coasters
  • Fridge magnets
  • Stickers

Signs and Posters

The uses for signs and posters to promote your business are practically endless. You can use them in-store to promote certain product ranges, specials, or even simply to build brand recognition. You can use them at trade shows, once again to build brand awareness, but also to draw people to your stall.

A well-designed sign or poster that really grabs a customer’s attention can be worth its weight in gold. Since you can print signs and posters of all shapes and sizes, you can even display them in public to promote events or even just outside your own store to entice customers through the door.

Quality Printing Services at an Affordable Price

Quick Prints provides quality printing services that aren’t going to break the bank. Marketing your business is done in many ways, and for all the printing services we’ve told you about, Quick Prints delivers the best. Don’t fall behind the pack. Contact us today to find out more about the range of professional business printing services we can offer.