Tips To Save Money if You Want To Print Your Posters Online


A lot has changed since the first posters were printed over 200 years ago, and since the perfection of colour printing, posters in all its forms have become a norm of everyday life.

When you have to a digital design into the real world, it can fraught upon with gotchas and gremlins. The world has become so highly digitalised; we have forgotten the basics of prepping to print posters online.

Posters are an ideal avenue to pursue to drum up attention for your campaign, party, product, service and business. Moreover, they are also for bulk printing. We have compiled tips to help you save money when you need to print posters online;

  1. Determine How Many Posters You Need

When you know the exact number of posters, you need the better. The amount will change as you goo along with your marketing efforts, but you can easily adjust when you understand all of the influencing factors.

It is good to know your absolute minimum, but the optimal number is usually above that. If print more posters online and have more than you need means you have a buffer when mishaps happen.

  1. Avoid Stock Photography

There is no denying that stock photos are helpful and cheaper option, but the con is that they require a licensing fee. If you decide to use stock photos to print your posters online, they either be so popular they have been used before, or they will yell “stock photo”.

In general, stock photography gives off a vague feeling of familiarity that is not associated with a great design. It is advisable you focus on a single central idea or information of your poster and show it off with clear and simple typography and vector art.

  1. Set Aside Your Design Budget

A great design is a determining factor in the success of your poster. You should keep the budget to design and print your poster online separate if you will hire a designer.

Poster designers do not work for free, and if you are a cheapskate, you will get what you paid for. On the other hand, if the design of your poster uses up your entire budget, then your great-looking poster will not be able to fulfil its potential.

  1. Design Your Own

As the adage goes, “if you want something done right, you will have to do it on your own”, and doing so will free up a significant chunk of your budget. It takes a lot more than PowerPoint and colouring in skills to design your own poster, but the great news there is a lot of free online tools you can use.

  1. Save On Fonts

One of the most important things to remember before you print posters online is not to use too many fonts. The best thing to do is to keep one or two to differentiate with font weights.

It is essential not to overload your poster with lots of typography and interfaces. Using professional fonts will require you to pay a fee. A little patience and the power of Google will offer you many font foundries that will give you free font substitutes that look great as well. Do you need to print your posters online? At Quick Prints, we utilise our extensive experience and advanced equipment to offer world-class and affordable printing services. Call us!