Top Tips For Effective Letterhead Printing


The trust between your business and your customers or potential customers is a crucial element that plays a significant role as to whether or not you make a sale. Nowadays, a majority of business is conducted via email or online but one aspect that has not changed is that letterheads play a significant role in business and are still widely used.

Letters that are signed or written add that personal touch to any communication and business transaction and in actual fact, customers are fond and depend on written correspondence. They are also a great way of advertising your business as a letterhead bears your brand. 

Just like in all of your print marketing, if you are tired of dull and bland designs resulting in mediocre letterhead printing results, you ought to put plenty of thought into the design of your letterhead. In doing so, it will look amazing off the press as it does on your computer; 

1) Use A Good Design And Artwork Programme

A great graphic designer can spot anything that is designed using platforms such as Word or Pages. Indesign and Illustrator are programmes that are created specifically for design and allow a designer more flexibility for both type and graphics. Some online printers will have downloadable templates for you to use for your artwork ensuring that what you supply is already print-ready. 

2) Keep Your Brand Consistent

As with on any other marketing, your company’s logo and brand identity is equally important on your printed letterhead. Your brand must not be overbearing, however, it is should be easily recognisable. 

Thus, your compliment slips have to display the same information and design as your letterhead and both should perfectly sit beside your business card design too. 

3) Use Vector Logos

It is advisable to have your logos and other graphics in a vector format. Photoshop files that come in high resolution, 300dpi at the printed size, are acceptable but your files in vector or line images always look sharper.

4) Choose Proper Paper

Paper that is used in letterhead printing is of higher quality than ordinary printing paper. The reason behind this is that your customers will associate with the feel of the paper used in your letterhead printing with the feel of your company. 

If your paper is too flimsy, you give off an impression that your business is sloppy and if it is too thick, your business will be associated with being too rigid. It is advisable to use letterhead printing paper that offers an optimal balance between stability, smoothness and shine, giving off a look that is professional and feels good in the hands of your customers. 

5) Think About A Continuation Sheet

You will need to have continuation sheets printed if your correspondence will be more than a single path in length. A continuation sheet does not need to have the same details as on your letterhead but it must be of the same design, look and feel. 

It is recommended to use continuation sheets as opposed to blank pages and do not use your letterhead on the second page. 

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