Why Cheap Business Cards Can Hurt Your Business


Considering grabbing some of those cheap business cards you saw advertised on social media? Great, professional business cards at almost no cost – it sounds too good to be true! Well, probably in most cases, it is. Read on to find out why cheap business cards can do more harm than good for your business.

Cheap Business Cards, Cheap First Impression

Let’s face it, we live in a world where first impressions mean a lot. People are judged on everything including their handshake, appearance, clothing, and yes – even their business card. A flimsy, cheap business card probably says a lot about you and your business – but none of it is good.

Make sure your networking makes the right kind of impression because your business card should match the amazing business you want to promote.

Stand Out from the Crowd

There are so many of those cheap business cards in circulation now, so it’s important for you to stand out from the crowd. The people you want to impress with a business card can spot a cheap, poorly designed card. Almost as easily as they’ll be impressed by a card on quality stock with outstanding colors and professional design.

Unless you’re trying to market yourself as a mediocre, dull and forgettable person, make sure your business card says something different!

Cheap Business Cards Have Limited Options

We hate to burst your bubble, but the business cards you see advertised as cheap, or even free, aren’t all that they seem. These cards don’t come on high-quality stock. Chances are, they’ll be crumpled and thrown away as quickly as you can hand them out.

The worst thing of all though is the associated advertising. If you choose free business cards, you’ll only get to design one side. What’s on the back, you ask? Usually, it’s the logo of the printing company. Best case scenario, your card causes confusion, and in the worst case, they know you’re cheap.

Make Your Business Cards an Investment

It’s amazing how many people want their business cards to be as cheap as possible, but if you’re willing to spend money on marketing your business, why go cheap on one of the easiest marketing tools you have? You wouldn’t make bland, boring posters advertising your business, so don’t do it with a business card that potential customers actually take with them.

Let’s do some quick maths. One ‘cheap business card’ company offers 250 cards for $10. Here at Quick Prints we offer premium business cards starting at $36 for 250. That’s a $26 difference, for a whopping 250 opportunities to make a great first impression.

It could take a year to dish out 250 business cards, so for $26 a year, is it really worth presenting yourself as cheap and forgettable?

Get the Best Business Cards with Quick Prints You don’t need to pay a fortune to avoid having cheap business cards. Come and check out our range of premium business cards today. You’ll find it’s cheaper than you think to get professional, memorable business cards!